What is the Ford F-250 Towing Capacity?

August 7th, 2023 by

2023 Ford F-250

The 2023 Ford F-250 specs make it a must-drive for San Fernando Valley drivers who need a hard-working pickup truck they can rely on. As a Ford Super Duty truck, the new Ford F-250 doesn’t hold back when it comes to towing and hauling. Fitted with a fifth-wheel/gooseneck trailer, the Ford F-250 can tow up to 23,000 pounds. Discover the engines and features that make the Ford F-250 towing capacity possible.



Ford F-250 Engines & Towing Capacities

When it comes to the Ford Super Duty, one of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How much can the F-250 tow?” As mentioned above, the Ford F-250 maximum towing capacity is 23,000 pounds, but different engines have unique towing capacities. The 2023 Ford F-250 offers four venerable engine options and a choice between standard two-wheel drive (2WD) or optional four-wheel drive (4WD). Below, we take a closer look at the Ford F-250 specs, engines, and towing feats:

6.8L V8 Traditional Gas Engine:

  • 405 hp
  • 445 lb-ft of torque
  • Base towing capacity(2WD/4WD): 14,800/14,400 pounds
  • Maximum towing capacity (5th wheel/gooseneck): 14,800 pounds

7.3L V8 Traditional Gas Engine:

  • 430 hp
  • 485 lb-ft of torque
  • Standard towing capacity (2WD/4WD): 17,200/16,800 pounds
  • Maximum towing capacity (5th wheel/gooseneck): 17,200 pounds

6.7L Power Stroke® Diesel V8:

  • 475 hp
  • 1,050 lb-ft of torque
  • Base towing capacity (2WD/4WD): 18,200/20,000 pounds
  • Maximum towing capacity (5th wheel/gooseneck): 22,900 pounds

High Output 6.7L Power Stroke® Diesel V8:

  • 500 hp
  • 1,200 lb-ft of torque
  • Base towing capacity (2WD/4WD): 18,200/20,000 pounds
  • Maximum towing capacity (5th wheel/gooseneck): 23,000 pounds

Ford F-250 Tow-Ready Features

As you can see, the Ford F-250 offers no shortage of capable engines, but they don’t earn all of the credit. Each F-250 model comes equipped with a variety of tow-ready features to streamline towing and hauling around Los Angeles. When you choose a Ford F-250, you can look forward to the following features that were designed to make towing easier, more efficient, and safer:

  • Pro-Trailer Hitch Assist
  • Enhanced Trailer Navigation
  • 360-Degree Camera System
  • Built-in On-Board Scales
  • And many more!

Discover More About the Ford F-250 with Sunrise Ford - North Hollywood

Now that you know how much the Ford F-250 can tow and what kinds of towing features it offers, it’s time to take this model for a spin around North Hollywood. Contact us online or call us at 818-284-6698 to schedule a test drive in North Hollywood, CA. Still doing your research on Ford trucks? Check out our Ford research hub to learn more about the Ford brand and its reliability.


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